Develosil XG HPLC Columns INDIA

The packed column for HPLC

Develosil XG C1

It is the column which made C1 (Trimethyl) group modify.

There is performance which is not in C1 conventional column, and it contributes to many analysis systems.

Develosil XG-C1 has introduced C1 (Tori methyl radical) into the inhouse high grade silica gel.
(USP column code: Equivalent to L13) The retention and separation which cannot be predicted in C1 conventional column by the height of surface area and special end cap treatment are attained.
It corresponds to many analysis kinds, such as a basic compound, a vitamin, and drugs, including an organic acid.

Characteristic of Develosil XG-C1


Surface area

450 m2/g

Pore diameter

10 nm

Pore volume

1.15 mL/g



Carbon content



pH range

pH 1.5 – 8

Use upper limit pressure

20 Mpa

Use maximum temperature

50 ℃


Develosil XG HPLC Columns INDIA
Develosil XG 1 HPLC Columns INDIA

Develosil XG HPLC Columns INDIA