Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd,India is a private limited company,was founded in August 2003.It has been distributing Chromatography Consumables,bulk media, and equipment in liquid chromatography for Chemical and Biological separations.Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd partners with Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies to help expedite drugs to market.We offer unrivaled Products in synthesis and separations services to advance your active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) from initial process development and scale-up development, to final validation in Formulations.

The widest range of columns available from a single source in us ranging from HPLC Columns to UPLC Columns,LCMS Columns,RRLC Columns,GC Columns to Metal Capillary Columns,Chiral Columns,Lab Accessories,GC Accessories.Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd assures the HPLC chromatographer to be an important source for high performance bonded phases.All Chromatography Products are expertly distributed by us to ensure the highest levels of performance, durability, and quality. These stable columns offer excellent reproducibility, maximum efficiencies, high capacity, and high permeability.You can turn to us for innovative HPLC consumables, bulk media, and instruments to solve separation challenges in the global market.We provide solution-based products by closely working with our customer scientists in pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, research institutes and government labs.

Vision Statement

Always Look to be named as the Quality Distributor of High Performance Products in the Analytical Industry and provide solution based products and services for our customers.


We operate from our Head Quarters at Hyderabad ,India but have wide network throughout India with highly qualified Marketing Personnel with excellent Communication Skills and Promoting Strategies.

OUR Focus

We are always keen and eager to serve the Analytical Industry and meet their needs at every Level.

  • HPLC Method Development
  • HPLC Instrumentation
  • HPLC Application Notes of our Manufacturers
  • HPLC Columns for Basic Compunds
  • HPLC Columns for Polar Compounds
  • HPLC Columns Sugars
  • Ion Exchange Column
  • High Carbon Loading Columns
  • GC Columns for Fatty Acid Analysis
  • Gc Columns for water
  • GC Columns for Hydro Carbons
  • GC Columns for Alocohols
  • GCMS Gas Chromatography Columns
  • GC Columns
  • FAST GC Column
  • Capillary olumns
  • GC Capillary Columns
  • GC Capillary Column Types
  • GC Capillary Column Installation
  • Gc Capillary Column Selection Guide
  • Capillary Column Gas Chromatography
  • Chiral Chromatography
  • Pirkle-type Chiral Columns
  • Pirkle Chrial Stationary Phases
  • Chiral Columns in HPLC
  • Chiral Columns in GC
  • Chiral Columns Chromatography
  • polysaccharide HPLC chiral columns
  • Chiral Stationary phase
  • Protein Stationary phases
  • enantioselective chromatography
  • Normal Phase Columns
  • Reverse Phase Columns
  • Protein Based Chiral Columns
  • Preparative Chiral HPLC Columns
  • Free Schiral Screening Service
  • enantiomer resolution
  • Whelk-O 1 column
  • Polysaccharide Coated Chiral Stationary Phases – CSPs
  • Chiral Gas Chromatography
  • Cyclodextrin bases Columns
  • ChiroSil Chiral Stationary Phases
  • Crown Ether Chiral Columns
  • UPLc Method Development
  • Nano Flow Columns
  • UPLC-based analytical solutions
  • UPLc Columns
  • QLA Tablet Dissolution Products