HPLC COLUMNS : Silica based , Polymeric based and HILIC (Normal and Reverse Phases)
Develosil Columns Nomura Chemical Company Ltd., Japan
Perfectsil Columns MZ-Analysentechnik GmbH Germany
Cronusil Columns Labhut UK
Prontosil Columns B&W Separations,GMBH Germany
Cosmicsil® Columns Genius Technologies USA
Vertisep Columns Vertical Chromatography Co., Ltd., Thailand
UHPLC COLUMNS(1.5um,1.7um,1.8um ,2.2um and 2.3um Technology)
Cosmicsil® Abra Columns Genius Technologies USA
CHIRAL Columns(Pirkle type/Protein based/Polysachharide coated phases)
(S,S) & (R,R) Whelk-01 Regis Technologies USA
Regiscell (Cellulose) Regis Technologies USA
Regispack (Amylose) Regis Technologies USA
Regispack CLA-1 Regis Technologies USA
Chiral AGP/CBH/HSA Regis Technologies USA
Sumichiral Sumika Japan
Ultron ES OVM Shinwa Chemicals Japan
Carbohydrate Columns:( USP L17, L18, L19, L21, L28, L29, L31, L34, L42 & L58 packing)
Benson Polymeric Columns Benson Polymeric USA
Carbomix Columns Sepax Technologies USA
Jordi DVB Columns Jordi Labs USA
PolyLC Columns PolyLC USA
Cosmicsil® Columns Genius Technologies USA
Anidius Columns Nomura Chemical Japan
GC Columns: (Conventional/Fast/Wide bore/Chiral& GCMS)
MEGA GC Columns Mega S.n.c. Italy
Vertibond GC Columns Vertichrom Technologies Thailand
Ulbon GC Columns Shinwa Cehmical Industries Japan
SEC & ION exchange columns
SRT-SEC Columns Sepax Technologies USA
Catsec Columns Eprogen USA
Polysulfoethyl A PolyLC USA
Chromegapore MSE ES Industries USA
Chromegabond ES Industries USA
Lab Accessories
HPLC Vials: 1.5ml, 1.8ml &2.0ml (Screw/Crimp/Snap) with Caps & Septas
GC Vials : 20ml Head space crimp vial with Aluminium crimp cap with septa;
Peak Tubing, Peak Nuts & End Nuts.
Syringe Filters, Syringes, D2 Lamps…etc..
QLA Tablet Dissolution Test Accessories
Dissolution Baskets,Basket Shafts, Biodissolution Accessories,Capsule Sinkers,
Custom Manufacturing, Disintegration Accessories, Dissolution Filters, Intrinsic Dissolution, Luer Fittings,
Media Degasser,Paper Rolls, Paddles, Sampling Cannulae & Stoppers, Small Volume Dissolution, Spin Shaft Accessories,
Storage Racks and Holders, Transdermal Patch Testing USP5 & 6, Tubing,Validation Tools,Vessels,
Vessel Covers & Accessories, Volumetric Flask
Gas Standard Generators
GC Capillary Columns
GC Injector Septa,Head Space Sampler
HPLC Accessories
HPLC Fittings,HPLC Mobile Phase Bottle Kits, Tubing Cutter,Pulse Damper,
HPLC Column Ovens,HPLC Solvent Degasser, Solvent Recycler HPLC
HPLC Column Storage
HPLC Column Packing Systems and Pumps
HPLC Mobile Phase Filtration
Lamps – Detector Lamps and Atomic Absorption Lamps
Deuterium (D2) Detector Lamps, Hollow Cathode Lamps, Tungsten Detector Lamps, Xenon Detector Lamps
Microplates & Seals
Powder Testers and Tablet Testing
Pumps – Laboratory Pumping Solutions
HPLC Pumps and Liquid Piston Pumps,Syringe Pumps,Allegro Peristaltic Pumps,
Vacuum Pumps,Air Compressor Pumps
SPE Cartridges for Sample Preparation
Syringes – Polypropylene, Glass, Steel
Polypropylene Syringes,
Stainless Steel Syringes
Glass Syringes
Syringe Filters and Membrane Filters for HPLC
Titan3 Syringe Filters,
Cronus Syringe Filters,
Membrane Filters
Vacuum Filtration Systems, Manifolds & Equipment
Validation and Qualification Products
Vials & Accessories
Autosampler Vials for HPLC and GC, Vials by pictures,Vial Caps,Combo Packs, Septa,Inserts,Crimpers & Decappers,Racks