Develosil ODS-UG | HG | MG | SR HPLC Columns INDIA


Physical properties of Develosil ODS-HG, ODS-UG, ODS-MG, ODS-SR

Column name Ligand Carbon End Capping Surface area Pore diameter Pore volume Range of pH
ODS-UG Octadecyl (Monfunctional) 18% Yes (Double)   300m2/g   14nm   1.05mL/g pH2-10
ODS-HG Octadecyl (Trifunctional) 18% Yes (Double) pH1-9
ODS-MG Octadecyl (Difunctional) 15% Yes (Double) 400m2/g 10nm   1.15mL/g   pH2-7.5
ODS-SR Octadecyl (Difunctional) 18% Yes (Double) 560m2/g 8nm

The combination and the theoretical plate number of a piping inside diameter

Column name Use
ODS-UG It is used when using an alkaline mobile phase. It ranks with ODS-HG and is a standard existence.
ODS-HG It is used when using an acid mobile phase. Although separation almost equivalent to ODS-UG is shown, ODS-HG of solid recognition ability is higher.
  ODS-MG 2 reaction type ODS. Compared with ODS-UG or HG, retention is a column for a separation improvement strongly. It can be used also for a mobile phase with much water composition.
ODS-SR The column which is proud of the retention greatest in a Develosi column The optimal column for earning retention. Loading dose increase of preparative isolation can be aimed at.

The 2nd generation of Develosil series, very standard column

This series is the column in which residual silanol by high-grade-ize and double end cap treatment of the silica gel which is a base material was reduced compared with ODS. The peak tailing of a basic compound is suppressed and it has become very user-friendly specification.

Develosil ODS-UG HG MG SR HPLC Columns INDIA

Develosil ODS-UG | HG | MG | SR HPLC Columns INDIA