Regis Q12 404031 Q Series Ion Pair Reagents

Chemical Name: Dodecyltriethylammonium Phosphate Buffer

CAS : 127312-12-3

The Q-Series is comprised of quaternary alkyltriethylamines that can be used for the resolution of negatively charged species. The Q-Series Ion Pair Concentrates are available as premixed 0.5 M solutions of varying alkyl chain lengths. When 10 mL of concentrate is diluted to 1 L with HPLC-grade water, a 0.005 M buffered solution is formed.

Physical and Chemical Properties:
Use : Ion Pair Reagent for HPLC
Appearance : Colorless to pale yellow solution
Purity: NA
Boiling Point: 101-101.4°C
Molecular Weight: 906.5 g/mol
Specific Gravity (H2O = 1.0):
Suggested Storage Conditions:

Store tightly closed in a cool, dry, and well ventilated place. Store away from incompatible materials

Categories: Ion Pair Reagents (for Anions)
Regis Part #: 1-404031-200

Regis Q12 404031 Q Series Ion Pair Reagents