Promigen Eprogen SCD hplc columns india distributor

Eprogen’s “Bedside-Bench” Approach to Biomarker Discovery

The Next Generation of Reverse Phase Protein Microarrays

ProteoSep® Fractionation Technology

– A High Resolution 2D Proteomics Separation and Mapping Technology for Complex Protein Expression Analysis

ProteoSep® 1D and 2D Protein Expression Microarray Technology

– Fast comprehensive protein profiling for use in serological assays or antibody detection

Eprogen’s Protein Discovery Services Laboratory

– Full Service Laboratory for analysis of Customer samples using the ProteoSep Technology

– Includes Custom Protein 1D and 2D Protein Microarray Preparation

Eprogen now manufactures uniform nonporous silica (NPS) microspheres up to 5 um in diameter and introduces custom coated NPS microspheres for many diverse applications – Metal Oxide coated Microsphere Mimics

Eprogen’s HPLC and IMAC Consumables

MICRA® NPS® Technology – Fast Ultrahigh Resolution of Proteins & Peptides for Proteomics and MS Applications

IPAC® Resins – A Novel Ultra-Stable IMAC Support for 6xHis Tagged, Phosphorolylated Proteins and Peptides and DNA Separations

Eprogen SCD & RP-8 HPLC Columns “Short Chain Deactivated” Technology for High Resolution Analysis of Small Molecules

Eprogen IEX HPLC Columns – Strong and Weak Anionic and Cationic Ion Exchangers on Polymer Coated Silica Supports

Eprogen GPC and CATSEC HPLC Columns – Size Exclusion Technology for Polymer and Biomolecule Separations

Promigen Eprogen SCD hplc columns india distributor