Quadrex FUSED SILICA GC Capillary Columns

Quadrex GC Fused Silica Capillary Columns are the best GC Columns . Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd is leading supplier in India for Quadrex GC Fused Silica Capillary Columns .Contact GC Fused Silica Columns Supplier in India Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd Today.Industry Standards are set at highest level in Quadrex GC Fused Silica Columns by the usage of high quality polymide outer coating at 390 degrees max. temperature for most of the GC Applications. Fused Silica Columns with high temperature polymide coatings for the applications that demand temperature more than 400 degrees centigrade are also avalilable upon request from Quadrex.

The beauty of Quadrex Fused Silica Columns is that Each Stationary phase used in Quadrex coating process is synthesized and cleaned in-house to be ensured of column to column reproducibility in its perfection.All the phases from Quadrex are bonded to the silica substrate and cross-linked to come out with the leading high quality GC Columns. Well Certified high qualified QA/QC program at Quadrexgoverns ,monitors the production of all the in-house phases and because of the stringent measures applied to supervise the quality and outcome the end result of the Quadrex Column is on the highest level of reproducibility, selectivity and outstanding thermal stability.

Every Single GC Fused Silica Capiilary Column of Quadrex is tested by QC, pre-conditioned well and shipped with a easy to read and follow neat and clear Capillary Column Test Data Sheet.It’s smooth sailing using the Quadrex Fused Silica Capiillary Column following this Quadrex Fused Capillary Column Data Test Sheet. The Quadrex Fused Silica Column Test data Sheet is written with all the details elaborately consisting of the GC column configuration,Test Operating Conditions of Fused Capillary Column, Maximum programmed isothermal operating temperature limits.The efficiency of GC Column ,Activity and film thickness are easily evaluated using appropriately perfect suited and designed test mixture.Quadrex maintains a complete database of all column data so that the column-to-column reproducibility is well assured.

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