Eprogen’s “Bedside-Bench” Approach to Biomarker Discovery

The Next Generation of Reverse Phase Protein Microarrays


ProteoSep® Fractionation Technology

– A High Resolution 2D Proteomics Separation and Mapping Technology for Complex Protein Expression Analysis

ProteoSep® 1D and 2D Protein Expression Microarray Technology

– Fast comprehensive protein profiling for use in serological assays or antibody detection

Eprogen’s Protein Discovery Services Laboratory

– Full Service Laboratory for analysis of Customer samples using the ProteoSep Technology

– Includes Custom Protein 1D and 2D Protein Microarray Preparation

Eprogen now manufactures uniform nonporous silica (NPS) microspheres up to 5 um in diameter and introduces custom coated NPS microspheres for many diverse applicationsMetal Oxide coated Microsphere Mimics

Eprogen’s HPLC and IMAC Consumables

MICRA® NPS® Technology – Fast Ultrahigh Resolution of Proteins & Peptides for Proteomics and MS Applications

IPAC® Resins A Novel Ultra-Stable IMAC Support for 6xHis Tagged, Phosphorolylated Proteins and Peptides and DNA Separations

Eprogen SCD & RP-8 HPLC Columns “Short Chain Deactivated” Technology for High Resolution Analysis of Small Molecules

Eprogen IEX HPLC ColumnsStrong and Weak Anionic and Cationic Ion Exchangers on Polymer Coated Silica Supports

Eprogen GPC and CATSEC HPLC ColumnsSize Exclusion Technology for Polymer and Biomolecule Separations