Chromegabond hplc columns ES industries india distributor

Chromegabond PSC

  • Versatile column for many pharmaceutical applications
  • Excellent column for gradient applications
  • Highly efficient columns packed with either 3 or 5 micron particles
  • Extended polar selectivity

Chromegabond PSC (pharmaceutical separation column) is prepared by using a mixture of C8 and C18 groups. In addition to this unique bonding arrangement, PSC columns incorporate technology that we have developed which enables us to tightly control the level of residual silanol groups. We utilize this technology to produce PSC columns with a tightly controlled number of residual silanol groups. These columns are able to retain both highly polar and hydrophobic compounds. The Chromegabond PSC is a versatile column that can be used for applications requiring either a C8 or C18. This column is similar to other columns with extended polar selectivity but with significantly more carbon.

Chromegabond PSC: pore size = 100° A; surface area = 350 g2/m; Carbon = 14%; pH range = 2-8

chromegabond hplc columns es industries india distributor