Benson BP 800 Hplc Column India

Benson BP 100 Hplc Column India

8% The BP-800, Ca carbohydrate column is a versatile and rugged column for the analysis of many types of samples containing sugars and sugar alcohols. Widely used in the food industry for the analysis of fruit juices, general sweeteners, corn syrup, cane sugar, and many other types of food products.


Part No: 8000-0
Eluent: DI H2O
Flow Rate: 0.6 ml/min
Detection: RI
Temperature: 85 C
Sample Size: 20 ul, 30 mg/ml
Column Size: 300 x 7.8 mm


The majority of columns on the market for the analysis of carbohydrates, organic acids, and alcohols utilize an 8% cross-link poly(styrene/divinyl benzene) (PS-DVB). The 8% polymer offers excellent separation of many common samples.


8% polymers combine durability and good resolution. Due to higher cross-linking than 4% and 6% cross-linked polymers, columns packed with 8% polymer can be used at higher flow rates therefore decreasing analysis times.


8% polymers are limited in separating carbohydrates larger than trisaccharides due to lower MW exclusion limits. Compared to the 6% cross-linked polymer, for some types of carbohydrate and organic acid mixtures, the 8% shows less resolution due to selectivity differences.

Benson Polymeric utilizes an 8% cross-link bead in our BP-800, BP-OA, and BP-RA Column series.

Molecular Weight Exclusion Limit: 1000
Minimum Wet Capacity meq/ml: 1.7 – 1.9
Flow Rate Recommendation: 0.4 – 1.2 ml/min

Benson BP 800 Hplc Column India