007-624 Quadrex GC Capillary Columns

The Analyses of volatile organic compounds got best with Quadrex007-608, 007-624, and 007-502 phases. These phases are carefully and specially designated by Quadrex for analyses of volatile organic compounds.Scientists used these Quadrex phases for the entire range of volatile compounds and enjoyed great GC analyses.Orderthese GC Columns in India at Leading GC Columns Suppliers in India if Quadrex brand at Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd.

007-608, 007-624, and 007-502 offer three variations of cyanopropylphenyl substitutions on a methylpolysiloxane backbone. These phases have been specifically designed for the analysis of volatile organic compounds and pesticides as specified in many EPA Methods including 502.1, 502.2, 503.1, 524.1, 524.2, 601, 602, 608, 624, 8010, 8011, 8015, 8020, 8240, and 8260. By using 007-502 and 007-624 phase types on 0.53mm I.D. columns, the entire range of volatile compounds, including gases, can be analyzed beginning at ambient temperatures.

Bonded and crosslinked
Specifically designed for volatile organic compound analyses
Similar phases: DB-624, DB-1301, Rtx-502, DB-608, VOCOL, RTX-Volatiles, PB-608, Rtx-35, AT-624, BP-624, CPSil-13CB
USP Phase Specification: G43

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