007-5 Quadrex GC Capillary Columns

Quadrex 007-5 is a general purpose GC Phase designated by Quadrex making it as a general purpose GC phase that is widely used by end users because of the presence of phenyl group and got acclimations for the high standard outputs by the Quadrex GC Phase 007-5 with the usage in broad range of appications.. Order this GC Phase in India 007-5 with Leading Supplier of GC Columns in India and Leading distributor of Gc Columns in India Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd.

The 007-5 phase is a (5% phenyl) methylpolysiloxane polymer. The presence of the phenyl groups provides induced dipole interactions leading to degrees of increased retention for aromatic solutes. A 5% phenyl substitution causes a nominal increase in polarity; yet the 007-5 phase displays the attributes of a non-polar phase.

Based on boiling point if compounds are separated, then the non-polar phase 007-5 works and delivers best results and so has been mostly used phase type.This phase delivers unmatched thermal stability. This phase is also less susceptible to hydrolysis and oxidation than the phases that incorporates polar functional groups.

Bonded and Crosslinked
Non polar
Excellent thermal stability
Comparable to: SE-52, SE-54, OV-73
Similar phases: DB-5, Rtx -5, HP-5, Ultra-5, SPB-5, CPSil-8CB, AT-5, BP-5
USP Phase Specification: G27

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