007-35 Quadrex GC Capillary Columns

Quadrex 007-35 is a most popular phase for Drug Analyses. Order this Column in India with Leading Distributors of QuadrexGc Columns in India , Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd.

007-35 is the Quadrex designation for a (35% phenyl) dimethylpolysiloxane phase. This phase 007-35 is a compromise between 007-20 and 007-17 in phenyl content. It is a most popular phase with the wide usage for drug analyses; Like the entire series of phenyl-substituted phases, Quadrexcolumns coated with the 007-35 can be rinsed to remove non-volatile and high boiling contaminants.

Bonded and crosslinked
Excellent thermal stability
Moderately polar
Comparable to OV-11
Similar phases: DB-35, Rtx-35, SPB-35, AT-35, HP-35, BPX-35
USP Phase Specification: G42

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