007-17 Quadrex GC Capillary Columns

Let us look at Quadrex 007-17 GCFused Silica Capillary Column. This is a EPA Method Confirmation Column .This is known for its efficient separations in scientific fraternity who used Quadrex GC Columns for their separations.Order this phase 007-17 in India at the GC Column Suppliers in India Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd.

007-17 is a 50% phenyl methylpolysiloxane phase. The increase in overall polarity of the phase is due to the presence of the 50% phenyl groups in this phase 007-17.This polarity increase enhances the selectivity of induced dipole interactions resulting in greater retention of phase aromatic solutes. This phase 007-17 is widely used as an EPA Method confirmation column and provides efficient separations of PAHs and biomedical samples such as drugs, sugars and steroids can be separated using this phase .

Bonded and Crosslinked
Medium polarity
Equivalent to OV-17
Equivalent phases: DB-17, Rtx-50, SPB-50, AT-50, HP-17, HP-50+, CPSil-20CB
USP Phase Specification: G3

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