D-Luciferin Sodium Salt

D-Luciferin Sodium Salt

Category: D-Luciferin
CAS # : 103404-75-7
Chemical Name: D-Luciferin Sodium Salt

Regis Technologies manufactures D-Luciferin for use in research applications ranging from reporter gene assays to whole animal assays. We produce high purity Luciferin to ensure the highest signal, lowest background, highest reproducibility, and lowest sensitivity levels for your application. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to supply you with the highest purity material for your short term and long term needs, and the flexibility to help you overcome any obstacles. Inquire about our custom sizes and packaging.



Purity: Minimum 99% by achiral HPLC and minimum 99.5% by chiral HPLC

Luciferin Na+, Firefly Luciferin Sodium, Beetle Luciferin Sodium
Sodium D-(-)-2-(6′-hydroxy-2′-benzothiazoyl)-delta-2-thiazolene-4-carboxylate

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