007-1701 Quadrex GC Capillary Columns

Quadrex 007-1701 is a most appreciated Column by the end users .Many environmental Applications are separated using the phase 007-1701 .Order this Quadrex GC Column in India with GC Columns Supplier in India Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd. GC Columns in India are supplied by Akira Analytical Solutions Pvt Ltd and their high quality leading brand appreciated in India by all Pharma Companies is Quadrex.

007-1701 is a (14% cyanopropylphenyl) methylpolysiloxanephase.The functional group is cyanopropyl.This cyanopropyl functional group provides permanent dipole selectivity that is different from the induced dipole interactions of the phenyl groups.When compared to the more highly cyanopropyl substituted phases such as 007-225 and 007-23, The overall “polarity” of this phase 007-1701 remains nominal

Bonded and crosslinked
Moderately Polar
Comparable to OV-1701
Similar phases: DB-1701, Rtx-1701, SPB-1701, AT-1701, HP-1701, BPX-1701
USP Phase Specification: G46

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